Looking for a fun new place for breakfast in Belton, TX?

Visit us for Breakfast at the Beltonian Theatre, also serving Temple, TX

Every Saturday morning from 8am to 10am the Beltonian Theatre will be serving up continental breakfast while you watch your favorite classic cartoons! Breakfast includes cereals, fruit, bagels, and with a little help from our local businesses we also serve Peggy's Coffee and Norwegian waffles!

"These kids today. They don't know what they're missing!" The kids might not know what they're missing but we sure do. That's not all folks!! Every Saturday morning, were going to be playing classic cartoons on the big screen. Lolly lolly lolly get your Saturday morning cartoons here! Next time you are looking for a fun Saturday morning activity for you and the kids, think Breakfast at the Beltonian!

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•Cereal bar - frosted flakes, fruit loops, lucky charms, and corn flakes
•Milk - almond milk available upon request
•Bagels - toasted or regular with cream cheese and jelly available
•Fresh Fruit
•Assorted Pastry
•Coffee - from Peggys Coffee
•Fresh Norwegian Waffles - Choice of powdered sugar, Nutella, jelly, syrup, and more