How much do tickets cost?

$4.99 plus tax

The website , Fandango, voicemail recording at the theatre, Temple Daily Telegram Ad every day, The Belton Journal every day, Facebook, Instagram, Flickster, the screen outside the theatre, and more!

Yes! Send an e-mail inquiry and we will work out the details.

Can I advertise my business on the Big Screen in The Beltonian Theatre?

Yes! Send an e-mail to for an information sheet today.

Do I have to have a membership to buy a movie ticket?

No! You can watch a movie at The Beltonian Theatre without a membership. (Just no free refills!!)

No! You can purchase tickets anytime we are open for business. If you want to reserve that special seat that is your favorite, or if you live far away and cannot make it in advance, you can purchase your tickets below.

There is a parking map on the website listed above. We are downtown so street parking is available as well as several public parking lots within a block or two.

Thursday night, Friday afternoon and evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon and evening. Monday through Wednesday we are usually closed. We follow the school calendar pretty closely and are open ALL holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are also open every day of Spring Break, Christmas/Winter Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Summer Break!

Yes! There is a menu on the website at the link listed above as well as on Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp.

If you have any additional questions please use the form below to contact us.