The spirit, Mary, who has haunted The Beltonian Theatre for over 60 years needs your help! The Beltonian Theatre has been taken over by the evil spirits of The Circus of the Damned. Before being killed on the steps of the theatre, Mary had been sold to the Circus as a young child. The very night she was killed, she had escaped the Circus and was on the run. Now, the Circus of the Damned is trying to steal Mary away to be doomed to Hell forever. The more scares Mary can get, the more powerful she will be to resist! Come help Mary before it is too late!

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Haunted House Dates & Pricing

Horrifying Adult Haunted HouseKid Friendly Haunted House
October 24th-26th from 6pm-8pmOctober 22nd, 28th, & 29th from 10am-4pm
October 27th & 28th from 6pm-10pmOctober 23rd & 30th from 6pm-9pm
October 31st from 6pm-9pm
$10 admission plus tax$7 admission plus tax



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